Doctor. Lawyer. Veterinarian. Pilot. Business Owner. Sound exciting? We think so, too! Come to Go Irving! on Saturday, November 9, at Singley Academy to learn how Signature Studies, one of our nationally-recognized programs, equips students to be successful after graduation.

Signature Studies students can earn industry certifications, apply for internships and network with professionals – all before high school graduation. Last year alone, 3,000 students graduated with a certification which makes them incredibly competitive in the workforce. That’s quite impressive!

Students interested in Signature Studies can choose from almost any career-related field including health science, aviation, law and public service, automotive, architecture, culinary arts and hospitality, engineering and technology.

Shawn Blessing, director of Signature Studies, understands the program’s value to our students and community.

“Signature Studies meets the needs of the workforce by preparing students with the technical skills and academic knowledge to be successful after they graduate from high school, whether they go to college, enter the workforce, or both.”

Signature Studies is open to students across the city of Irving at all five high schools. Each campus offers unique Signature Studies programs, which can be found here. Although students have a zoned school, they have the option to apply or transfer to their school of choice. Students who are interested in Singley Academy must complete an application and are selected through a lottery process.  The application window opens November 11 and runs through January 17. Students who are interested in attending a school outside of their attendance zone can submit a transfer request in March. Transfers are granted on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to availability.

Because these offerings are so popular and have produced such great results, Irving ISD is expanding Signature Studies to all middle schools beginning August 2020.

So, make sure you attend Go Irving! on Saturday, November 9 to learn how your child can earn an industry certification and hear more about the middle school expansion. You won’t be disappointed.

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