Give your child the opportunity to read, write and speak in two languages at one of Irving ISD’s two-way dual language campuses. Students will become critical thinkers, leaders and contributors in a diverse and competitive 21st century world. 

How does it work? Classes are comprised of native English and native Spanish speaking students. Students receive 50 percent of their instruction in English and 50 percent in Spanish. In this way, English speakers can learn Spanish, and Spanish speakers can learn English. 

Studies show that knowledge of a second language increases problem-solving abilities, raises academic achievement and improves communication skills. Not to mention, bilingualism expands career opportunities.

The dual language program in Irving ISD not only prepares students for a world that increasingly requires aptitude in more than one language but also creates awareness and value of other cultures.

“Through the dual language program, we are committed to empowering learners who are bilingual, biliterate and culturally proficient,” says Blanca De La Sierra, Irving ISD director of bilingual programs. “Learning a second language positively impacts the structure and cognitive functions of the brain. Studies show that students in dual-language programs do as well or better on standardized tests than students learning only in English. In addition, knowing a second language can lead to respect of multiple cultural heritages and languages, and it increases a student’s marketable skills in a global society.”

The program is offered at Brandenburg, Farine, T. Haley and Lee elementary schools. Those students funnel to either Houston or Travis middle schools, and then Irving or MacArthur high schools. Please note, students must begin the program by first grade.

Irving ISD is looking to expand the program to a school in south Irving in the new school year. Stay tuned for the big announcement!

For more information, visit or stop by the Dual-Language Lounge at the Go Irving! school choice expo on November 9. The event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon at Singley Academy.

To learn more about the expo, click here.