Video by Dennis Palacios

Photo by Mandy Galvan Photography


Fueled by top-ranked recruits, a seasoned coach with more than 800 wins and a roster with depth, the Lady Cardinals basketball team from MacArthur High School has earned a spot among the best in the nation. Hear from Coach Suzie Oelschlegel and Sarah Andrews, the state’s top-ranked recruit (No. 7 in the nation), on the team’s quest for a state championship.

“Irving MacArthur has made a name for themselves in our women’s program, no question,” says the coach endearingly known as Coach O. “We’ve worked hard to be successful. So it’s a very big compliment.”

“The program Coach O has built is a great program,” says Sarah. “She holds high expectations each and every day. What we’ve accomplished in previous seasons has added to us being ranked. We did a really great job last year of putting us on the map and building it for this year.”

While the team relishes the national ranking, they recognize there is still work to be done.

“I just want them to come and work every day and get better – as a team, get better as individuals – and let our game, let the work we put in speak for itself,” she says.