Inspire to Hire, an extension of the district’s Community & Career Connection (3C) program, provides students who are at-risk, English Learners and/or have special needs with a year-long job training experience. The placement is carefully planned, looking at both the student’s career interests and the needs of the district’s campuses and/or departments. Once there’s a match, the student begins volunteering in the school or office, learning everything he/she can with the hopes of being hired at the end of the placement. 

As a graduate of the 3C program and now part of Inspire to Hire, Gabby spends her days at J. Haley Elementary School lending a hand wherever she’s needed. 

She can be seen in the library checking out books, cutting decorations for bulletin boards, assisting students with their meals during lunch and bringing students to their cars for dismissal.  

“Gabby has been amazing to have on our campus. She’s been such a great help and has provided an extra set of hands,” says J. Haley’s assistant principal, Melissa Fulton. “The growth that I’ve seen in her, from day one being super shy and not really wanting to talk to anyone, and now, she talks to everyone. Her comfort level has grown.” 

Dr. Stacy Brannon, Inspire to Hire program developer and digital learning coach for the district, is thrilled with the results. She sees the value in giving students like Gabby an opportunity to utilize their skills, knowledge and passion to help the district. 

“Seeing my kids work and have purpose makes me smile and warms my soul,” she says. “My kids get to wake up every day and not just sit on the couch. They still have this opportunity to learn and receive job training. I love it. I just love the underdogs, and that’s what I fight for.” 

And Dr. Brannon wants to expand Inspire to Hire so more students like Gabby can benefit. 

Students who are interested in learning more about this incredible opportunity can call Inspire to Hire at 972.600.8787.  A quick phone call can change the trajectory of a student’s future.