The club of published authors in Irving ISD has a new member, Crockett Middle School’s history teacher Rodney Blanc. A natural storyteller, Blanc used his love for movies and writing to create his very own coming of age novel, “Drew Type 2: Coming of Age.” 

His book tells the story of a young boy on a journey to reinvent himself after tragedy, loss and unexpected secrets are revealed. The story came to Blanc just over a year ago and he worked tirelessly throughout the school year to write, edit and publish the novel. For Blanc, this novel is a culmination of a lifetime of creative storytelling.

“I always wrote something but didn’t do anything with it. I wanted to challenge myself and see how far I could take it, see how much I could build,” says Blanc. “I can be a big critic, but this was the opportunity to do it myself.”

Not only did Blanc write and edit the story, but also custom designed the cover art. For Blanc, this book is a combination of all his passions, and one he couldn’t be more proud of to share with the world.

“There’s a sense of accomplishment I have being able to put this out there being the sole owner of it all. I take confidence that this is my unaltered work,” says Blanc.

“Drew Type 2” is just the first glimpse into what Blanc describes as the “Drew universe” he intends to share with readers in the next book, which he is working on now. 

To learn more about and purchase “Drew Type 2: Coming of Age,” visit Blanc’s author page on Amazon.