Singley Collegiate Academy is one of Irving ISD’s three choice schools. Students accepted into this academy have various opportunities awaiting them, including attending classes on a college campus (Dallas College North Lake), saving up to $50,000 in college tuition and the chance to earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree. Sophomore Valeria Garcia Fraguada is one of many who have taken advantage of their offerings. 

While attending Houston Middle School, Garcia Fraguada recalls first hearing of the school during the morning announcements over the intercom. 

“What caught my attention was when they said we could earn a free college degree,” she says. “That was the major factor that led me to apply.”

Fast forward to today, Garcia Fraguada has entered her second year at Singley Collegiate Academy and is thriving. Her counselor Christina Guzman says Garcia Fraguada is excelling academically and is a model student. 

“Valeria has all of the traits we look for in a collegiate student,” says Guzman. “We know that she is going to do amazing things in her future.” 

When asked what makes Singley Collegiate stand out, Garcia Fraguada quickly said the connections that are made between the teachers and their students. Oftentimes, because of the strong bond, Garcia Fraguada and her friends stay on campus after school for extra help with their work from their teachers, or sometimes to simply fellowship with one another. When she’s not at school, she’s taking Korean speech, reading and writing lessons in her free time. 

“I have a goal set to go to South Korea to study abroad when I go to college, which inspired me to take the classes,” says Garcia Fraguada. 

For eighth graders who might be on the fence about applying to Singley Collegiate Academy, Garcia Fraguada says to go for it. She describes the diverse environment as amazing and says that students are able to make new friends easily because of it. 

“Also, the fact that you earn a college degree is very important,” she adds. 

She’s such an advocate of the school, she inspired her younger sister, who is now a freshman at Singley Collegiate, to apply when she was in middle school. 

After graduating from Singley Collegiate and Dallas College, Garcia Fraguada plans to attend Texas A&M Commerce with hopes to earn her masters or doctorate in Wildlife Biology & Zoology. 

Garcia Fraguada wants to leave young readers with two pieces of advice.

“Turn your work in on time, and use your planner,” she says. “It’s very helpful.” 

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to Singley Collegiate Academy, click here to learn more.