Walking the hallways of MacArthur High School, you can’t help but notice Sergio and Tori Arellano. They walk with confidence in their professional suit jackets looking like they just interviewed with the Dallas Business News. Sergio and his sister, Tori, are part of the Signature Studies’ School of Business and Entrepreneurship. And after the National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony, they will both be members. 

This Society celebrates the top career and technical education (CTE) students for academic success, school involvement and leadership skills. Members are awarded college scholarships, networking opportunities and learning experiences to grow professionally and personally. Sergio is already a member and is excited for Tori to join.

“I’m really proud of my sister for being inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. I’m excited to see her walk across the stage. This program will be really good for her resume and college application.” 

Sergio and Tori have worked incredibly hard to become members of NTHC. They are making the most of their high-school experience, saying yes to every opportunity that will further their future. 

Sergio, a senior, has high aspirations. He plans to attend UT Austin or Texas Tech University and become an entrepreneur. And he’s on the right track because he, along with his business partner, has designed an app called ParkPASS to help consumers find parking spaces in busy locations. 

Tori, a junior, is taking a similar path. After graduation, she is headed to UT Austin to study business. Although her dream is to own a business, she’ll settle for being CEO.  Tori is currently partnering with Planting Seeds Texas and Juice Plus to place two hundred grow towers at MacArthur. With her designs and the partners’ financial backing, these vertical growing systems will be on campus in two months.

It’s no wonder these two are National Technical Honor Society members. 

Sergio and Tori, you have made Irving ISD proud!