Priceless moments. 

That’s how Michelle Flores defines the 30 minutes she spends every week with her mentee, Iris Sosa. 

For Michelle, it’s time to listen, encourage, empower and love. For Iris, it’s time to be honest, feel comfortable, learn acceptance and gain confidence. These 30 minutes are most definitely priceless. 

“I saw the pressures students were facing as they transitioned from elementary to middle school,” she says. “It sparked a fire inside of me to help them see what I see in them- their potential, worth and value.”

Thankfully for Iris, she has spent the last three years – what some would argue, the most impressionable years – with Michelle in a mentee-mentor relationship.

“I wasn’t confident in myself back then. But when Ms. Flores came into my life, things changed. She helped me see myself the way she sees me,” Iris says. 

For most middle school girls, confidence is hard to come by. Iris found that security because someone like Michelle was willing to invest her time and energy in guiding her in the right direction. 

“I helped Iris see the other side of things so she could create optimism in her life. She now walks in confidence. She knows who she is and knows her worth and value,” Michelle says. “I can’t wait to see her walk across the stage in high school. It’s been amazing to watch Iris grow.” 

When Michelle isn’t at school mentoring students, she’s encouraging other adults to become mentors. She has seen first-hand the impact of mentoring on her and her students. The experience is life changing. 

She says, “It’s important to give back. Knowing that someone is anxiously awaiting a hug, smile or a listening ear keeps me motivated to continue mentoring.” 

For those interested in mentoring an Irving ISD student, contact Irving ISD’s Triple M Program at (972) 600-5027.