February is Black History Month, a time for students and staff to express themselves and share what Black History Month means to them.

Students across Irving ISD reflected on their individuality and how they can directly impact Black History Month in their schools.

“Black History Month, to me, is celebrating the things that make us different, celebrating our culture and our ancestors. Black History Month is us. We are Black History Month,” says Singley Academy senior Krystal Abu.

Samaya Stanley, a junior at MacArthur High School, shared her grandmother’s account as a Civil Rights Activist in the 1960s in Monroe, La., revealing the struggles her grandmother faced and how she fought for her job and demanded equality for herself.

“My grandmother inspires me because she pertains heavily to black history,” says Samaya. “She was a Civil Rights Activist with Martin Luther King. She was a part of City Council in Monroe, La., back in the 60s and 70s. It was a big controversy with equality being that she was a black woman. Black History Month means family.”