Written by: Dinorah Peña-Durán

Dedicated, hardworking and with a high sense of service and collaboration. These are just a few of the traits of an extraordinary group of women working in our district. Their love for Irving ISD students is demonstrated every day. They are the Irving ISD parent liaisons.

These 30 women*, led by Erin Yacho and  Liesl Payne, parent and family engagement coordinators for Irving ISD, are a real example of being game changers. Although they wear many hats, their duties fall into two main categories: developing and implementing a parent education program, as well as a volunteer parent program.

“I would describe parent liaisons as masters of ‘heart work’,” says Yacho. “Our Parent Liaisons are playing a vital role in engaging our parents in whole new ways in the education of our students, while simultaneously helping so many families meet their basic needs of keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table.”

However, their work is not limited to those two important tasks. They also strongly support all Irving ISD initiatives that impact families, for example: the HIPPY program, (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters), the Adult Education and Literacy program (classes that prepare adults for the job market), the implementation of Canvas (the learning management system used by our students), and the promotion of new services provided by Irving ISD, such as free PreK for 3- and 4-year-olds.

Many things have changed for most of us during Covid-19, and the work of parent liaisons is no exception. Several of them also provide assistance to teachers in the classrooms and help school nurses.

Payne adds: “Engaging families during the pandemic is paramount not only to our students’ academic growth, but also their socio-emotional well-being. Our parent liaisons work tirelessly to ensure our parents and caregivers are equipped with the resources they need to maximize their children’s learning, and nurture their security, self-confidence and happiness, as they face the challenges of our current times.”

Behind many of the activities of a school is the work and contribution of parent liaisons. Each and every one of these diligent women do their best every day, so that our students and their families receive the services and support they need.

Our parent liaisons, individually and as a team, make a difference with their hard work and dedication. Their efforts, in synergy with those of teachers, employees and students, make Irving ISD the best district in the nation!

*Parent Liaison         School

Oralia Treviño                Austin MS
Nicole Fajardo                Barton ES
Sonia Calles                    Secundaria Bowie
Jessica Arce                    Brandenburg ES
Gloria Martinez              Britain ES
Maricarmen Mancillas    Brown ES
Betty Berggren               Crockett MS
Elizabeth Cervantes        Primaria Davis
Ana Huerta                      de Zavala MS
Guadalupe Abrego          Elliott ES
Anakaren Maturino         Farine ES
Gloria Yeberino              Good ES
Maria Olivares                Hanes ES
Genesis S-Maldonado     Houston MS
Diana Reyes                    J Haley ES
Leyla De La Garza          Johnson LBJ MS
Myrna Andolz                 Johnston ES
Maria Martinez               Keyes ES
Rita Taylor                      Lamar MS
Paola Maldonado            Lee ES
Angela Storm                  Lively ES
Crystal Mendez               Nimitz HS
Betsy Trejo                      Schulze ES
Gloria Pierson                  Singley Academy
Ofelia Flores                    Stipes ES
Ely Hernandez                 T Haley ES
Lucy Conde                     Townley ES
Deyanira Valdez              Townsell ES
Angie Hinojosa                Travis MS