Nimitz freshman Joshua Escudero’s young business is taking off, thanks to a creative partnership with the district’s Elise Walker Outdoor Learning Center (OLC). A licensed drone pilot, Escudero is capturing footage of the OLC’s trails to include in virtual field trips for students across Irving ISD. 

“There’s some footage that you can’t get with a regular camera. That’s what I really like about drones. I’ve always loved to fly drones and thought I might want to make this into my own business,” says Escudero.

Escudero’s drone footage is integral for the OLC, which will host virtual field trips for more than 7,000 students this year. Using his drone, Escudero captured images and videos of the 1.4 miles of trails around the OLC, along with 360-degree, bird’s-eye views of the nature sanctuary. 

“Joshua’s drone footage adds a layer of professionalism to our video production,” says the OLC’s instructional specialist, Julie Garner. “The beauty of this footage is that we will be able to use it in projects I haven’t even dreamed up yet, as well.”

Though he has only had his license for a few months, Escudero is already busy with the OLC and other clients, with ambitions to make this into a thriving business. With assistance from his dad, he has already completed several projects, including filming a live band performance and a quinceañera. 

“I would love to expand. I’ve been thinking of ways to get my business out there,” says Escudero. “This has been me and my dad doing this, and we hope to make this into a business.”

Even outside of these projects for his business, Escudero loves to use his drone to capture unique pictures and videos. One of his favorite things to capture using his drone camera is aerial footage during sunset and sunset.

“By my apartment, I fly my drone and get some videos of the sun going down,” says Escudero. “I’ve even gotten the sun rising one morning, and you can see the whole city in the background.”

No matter the project, Escudero’s passion and creativity are apparent in the work he does for his clients.


“I was impressed from the minute I met Joshua because he has goals for his future and a clear plan to accomplish those goals,” says Garner. “He is forward-thinking, self-advocating, motivated and polite. His future is very bright.”