18 teams from Irving ISD are advancing to the 2021 Destination Imagination State Competition. Destination Imagination is an educational non-profit focused on five principles: fun learning; creative problem solving; kid powered, team driven; friendly competition and global diversity. 

Teams compete in challenges for the following categories:

  • Technical – The Next Level – Students create and present a video in the style of a video game including an adventurer with a special ability who goes on a quest to win an ultimate prize.
  • Scientific – In Theory – Students produce a documentary-style video about a bent/broken scientific law.
  • Fine Arts – Epic Remix – Students research music videos and create one of their own using music and lyrics to retell all or part of a piece of literature, while designing original costumes and researching video techniques to enhance the music video.
  • Service Learning – Project Podcast – Students identify, design, carryout and evaluate a project that addresses a need in the community, and create a video that includes a podcast and commercial with a cliffhanger and quirky character. 
  • Engineering – Built to Last – Students research visual art and architecture styles to design and create a single 3D model of a building to feature in a video about how opposites can be complementary. Using a split screen, students integrate the model of their building and planning artifacts.
  • Improvisational – Case Closed – Students research detectives and forensics to create an improvisational video that tells the story about a detective and sidekick teaming up to solve a mystery with a true clue and a red herring, integrating the use of a forensic technique to solve the case.

Congratulations to the following teams who advanced to the virtual state competition: 

MacArthur High School

Your Mom Team, Project Podcast

Ayman Abedin, Nabeeha Khan, Chloe Madho, Temiloluwa Oluwaseto, Hasaan Qureshi and Kathia Rodriguez


Nimitz High School

Nerdy Birdy Trio Team, Case Closed

Justin Aguilar, Erick Ramirez and Naima Rodriguez

PEEPS Team, In Theory

Zoe Carranza, Alyssa Gonzalez, Isabella Martin, Bryant Newsome and Vincent Perez


Singley Academy

Last Minute Squids Team, Epic Remix

Irene Chacko, Michelle Diaz, Anyssa Martinez and Victor Vo

Spades Team, In Theory

Ramiah Boyd, Jazelle Gardner, Cristian Henriquez, Jocelyn Ledesma, Seher Mamun, Rushmiah Samarah and Karen Sanchez

Epiphany Team, In Theory

Katie Blanco and Sneha Shrestha

Dynamite Team, Epic Remix

Bariha Askery, Adrianna Gallegos, Mariel Salazar and Mike Villegas

Joe 2 Team, Built to Last

Jimmy Do, Ariel Ojeda, Araddy Pina, Karla Rios and Melissa Valle

Your Finger Toes Team, Epic Remix

Tiffany Nguyen and Angela Ruiz

Oh! That Team!, Project Podcast

Sarah Habib, Fathima Mumith, Kathy Nguyen and Niyat Tekle


Austin Middle School

Coven of Myths Team, Epic Remix

Aiden Adames, Angeline Alvarez, Danette Cueva, Jade Medina, Arianna Rivera and Jared Vera

Destination De-Stress, Project Podcast

Valentina Mendez, Lizvet Perez, Ruby Portillo, Jose Santiago and Isaiah Segovia

Minions Team, Built to Last

Elizabeth Adame, Maria Aguillon, Carlos Coreas, Jacqueline Hernandez, Allison Lopez Martinez, Bryant Lopez Martinez and Briana Sanchez

ParadoX Æ A-12 Team, In Theory

Lila Cavazos, Brandon Flores, Dax Johnston, Daniel Rios, Raquel Romero and Makayla Williams


De Zavala Middle School

So Much Chocolate Syrup Team, The Next Level

Aiden Hernandez, Diego Montealvo, Jesus Munoz, Vicente Ramirez Jaime, Jacklyn Reyes, Elinor Tiggeman-Morris and Matilda Tiggeman-Morris


Lamar Middle School

Music Notes Team, The Next Level

Aracely Dimas, Alexsandra Donjuan, Myllie Garcia-Salazar and Sophia Perez

H.E.R.D. Team, The Next Level

Oscar Donjuan, Adriana Gonzalez, Genesis Guerrero, Sofia Martinez, Lauren McArter and Angel Rodriguez


Gilbert Elementary School

Skittles Team, Project Podcast

Jillian Allred, Brandon Cobian, Steven Garcia, Zoe Medel-Fore, Emiliano Portillo, Karina Salmeron and Maddyn Waugh