Irving ISD has taught me how to meet deadlines, think for myself, work collaboratively with peers, set high expectations and goals, and realize that there are opportunities out there if I just look for them.  I feel like I’ve grown during my years in Irving ISD by learning from the caring adults who have given their time and energy to teach me life lessons and connect content to real-world experiences.  With Irving ISD, I’ve been exposed to a variety of experiences, clubs and programs like Men’s Alliance and JROTC that have allowed me to see the value of education and shape the person I am today. 

After graduating this month, I plan to enlist in the US Marine Corps and serve my country.  I believe in the power of service, and I look forward to being a part of an organization such as the Marines where I can continue to develop my character, help those who need support and make a positive impact in the world I am living in. 

I’m excited to move into the next phase of my life.  I will miss the connections I’ve made and the relationships that have been so important to me, but I feel ready to start a new adventure.  The teachers and staff at Barbara Cardwell have given me confidence and taught me how to self-advocate so that I can achieve the dreams that I have always wanted for myself.  It will be different not having the daily routine of school that I have had for so long, but I know that this isn’t the end.  It’s a new beginning – a chance to transition into adulthood and to make a whole new set of memories.


Tylan Kanady

Cardwell Career Prep

Class of 2021