MacArthur school counselor Jennifer Simon-Deboskie has been named a semifinalist for the School Counselor of the Year award by the Lone Star State School Counselor Association (LSSSCA). Deboskie, a seasoned counselor with more than 17 years of counseling experience under her belt, is honored to represent not only MacArthur, but all high school counselors with this prestigious recognition. 

“Just to be on the list as a high school counselor means a lot to me. It means we can be seen, we can be heard and they truly value what we do,” says Deboskie. “Oftentimes as a high school counselor you don’t get as much recognition, because the measurements are different with older kids.”

Despite its challenges, being a high school counselor is part of who Deboskie is. She first began her career in education as a business teacher in Dallas ISD, but she quickly discovered a new passion for being a counselor.

“Every Friday after my students finished their work we would sit down and they would ask me for advice,” says Deboskie. “I found that they listened to me and respected what I had to say. I recognized that I had that gift of listening, discerning and knowing what to say.”

Since joining the Irving ISD family, Deboskie has significantly contributed to advocating for school counselors through the Districtwide Counseling Advisory Team. As a member of this team, Deboskie gives high school counselors from across the district a voice in designing the counselor program in ways that benefit students and families.

Her leadership has made a difference and has changed the game for so many students at MacArthur High School,” says Dr. Tracey Brown, Director of Guidance, Counseling and College and Career Readiness. “She exemplifies the epitome of a school counselor who is the heart of the school. She cares about her students and works diligently to ensure their academic and social-emotional needs are met.”