Many students across the district use their summer break to enhance their education and learning experiences through summer camps. This week was the start of the Nimitz High School vet science summer camp, which prepares students enrolled in the veterinary science program for the upcoming school year. Students get an inside look into veterinary science through hands-on activities and class discussions, and they get a chance to learn about college opportunities.  

Incoming 11th grader Marsilas Shibo enrolled in the program because of a desire to become a pediatric nurse. “This was the one program at Nimitz that stood out to me, and I know that it will help prepare me for my future career,” says Marsilas. 

Shibo has a nurturing spirit and a true love for animals. Some of her favorites to work with are medium-sized dogs and kittens. While in the program, she’s learned how to properly care for animals, as well as gain more knowledge on the various types of animal breeds and diseases they can get. While the patients may be different, the skills learned in this program will be beneficial for any student looking to branch out into the medical field. 

“I’ll be entering the workforce with experience and certifications that will jumpstart my career,” she adds.

For Shibo, the summer camp is an exciting time to reconnect with her friends and instructors all while learning and preparing for the upcoming school year. “During the school year, I enjoy working at the welcome desk as a receptionist, taking the dogs on walks and bathing them,” adds Marsilas. 

When she isn’t attending camp or school, Marsilas enjoys spending time with her favorite animals, her German Shepherds Zemed and Lucy. “They are lovely dogs with lots of personality,” she says about them. 

After graduating high school, Shibo plans to attend the University of Texas at Arlington and enroll in their nursing program.