After coming across a post online for the Irving Police and Fire Department’s annual Blue Christmas toy drive, Travis Middle School physical education teacher Amber Farrar decided this would be a great way to get students involved to help. 

“We have an organization on campus called Fuel Up to Play 60, where we participate in community service projects, and I felt this would be a great one for the holidays,” says Farrar. 

Students from the Fuel Up to Play 60 organization partnered with the student council and athletics for this cause, which received approximately 250 donations for local families in need.

“It makes me happy to know that there are kids who will receive something for Christmas because of our donations,” says Linda Sosa, a Travis Middle School sixth grader. 

Not only are students getting the opportunity to help others this season, but they’ve been inspired to take on projects like this beyond the holidays.  

“Now I want to do more community service projects because I feel that it’s making me a better person,” adds Alondra Garcia, sixth grader at Travis Middle School.

Blue Christmas is one of many projects the Fuel Up to Play 60 students participate in. Through the school year, they are also advocates for physical activity and healthy eating.

“We really help and give back to our community,” says Gabriella McMurphy, sixth grader.

When speaking of her students, Farrar beamed with pride and described them as true leaders on campus.