Samantha Miranda, a Nimitz High School senior who thought of herself as a shy kid, has grown into a star performer with a heart full of dreams. Miranda knew from a young age that she had a big voice in her small frame, but it was not until she joined choir that she was given the chance to showcase and refine her talent. When asked what she’s looking forward to the most after graduation, she confidently states, “I love music; music is my life. Music is my passion and everything I want to do in life.”

Miranda’s dedication to her craft paid off when she was selected to join the award-winning Nimitz Chamber Choir her sophomore year. She was later accepted into the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) National Honor Choir last year and has experienced many opportunities, including traveling to other states to participate in competitions and performances. 

“I have too many good memories to choose from,” she says. “But one of the highlights was being chosen to perform as the soloist at last year’s State of the District.” 

In 2023, the Nimitz Chamber Choir was challenged to write and perform an original song for the same event.  She and several of her AP Music Theory classmates were instrumental in creating its lyrics and melody. She fondly recalls, “Choir became my family, with so many brothers and sisters.”

State Of The District - MirandasSpeaking of family, her father, Nimitz High School Principal Francisco Miranda, was recently awarded the Distinguished Administrator Award by the Texas Music Educators Association for his work in supporting the quality music education programs at Nimitz. Though he was principal when she attended both Crockett Middle School and Nimitz, Samantha says she is just “a regular kid wanting to make the best of my high school experience.” 

When talking about her family she shares that she only recently learned that her grandfather was also an amazing singer. 

“I want to continue his legacy by singing every day and expressing myself through music.” 

Samantha’s passion for music runs deeper than wanting to perform. She is pursuing degrees in both music and psychology so that in the future, she will be able to help people through the use of music therapy.  “I believe that music has the power to heal,” she says. “I want to use my passion to make a positive impact on others.”

Miranda’s story serves as an inspiration and shows that by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, you can achieve your dreams.

While her college plans are not yet set in stone, she has been accepted into the department of music at both the University of North Texas Dallas and Texas A&M Commerce. We wish Samantha the best in her future endeavors and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.