At its regularly scheduled meeting on March 25, the Irving ISD Board of Trustees voted to approve the administration’s request for a District Reorganization, further authorizing the Superintendent or designee to execute the recommendation.

Irving ISD recognizes the need for continuous improvement and adaptability to meet evolving educational and organizational demands in light of declining student enrollment and state funding challenges. Therefore, a comprehensive review of District positions was conducted in conjunction with the Board-approved organizational study from Evergreen Consulting. All changes and related personnel adjustments will be made in an effort to improve staff effectiveness and organizational efficiency, while keeping the District fiscally responsible. The District seeks to incorporate these recommendations in areas where program changes and reorganization per Board Policy DFFB can contribute to a more streamlined and efficient staffing structure. 

Our district’s administration is committed to minimizing disruptions and maintaining a high level of service to students and the community during and after the implementation of any possible changes. Prior to the end of the current 2023-2024 school year, unless an immediate supervisor directly addresses how any of these potential program and organizational changes may affect personnel in your area, you will not be affected. Nonetheless, if any questions or concerns arise, please contact your immediate supervisor for assistance.