Katie Turner has called Irving ISD home for the last four years. In the classroom, she loves to share her excitement for music and reading with students, oftentimes “nerding-out” with them over Harry Potter, Star Wars and just about anything! Turner currently teaches 10th through 12th graders, Pre-AP World History and AP Psychology classes. She has also served the district as a world history curriculum writer and is the proud coach of MacArthur’s award-winning UIL Social Studies team. Since taking over, she has led the team to regional championships for the past two years, competing at the state level each year. For this Florida native, being an educator is a dream career, and she is constantly inspired by her favorite quote, “Do things with passion, or not at all. Wherever you go – go with all your heart!” She hopes to keep going and pursue a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in the future.

Q: What is the “secret sauce” for being an effective teacher?
Authenticity is essential to building relationships. You’re able to be yourself and share your passions, which is so important.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching?
One of my favorite things is getting to use my passion and creativity to inspire students. I love to learn, so I like helping other people enjoy the process of learning.

Q: What do you hope your students say about you?
I want my classroom to be a place where students are excited to come to class and for them to leave feeling supported and cared for.

Q: What does a great day at school look like?
When I go home at the end of the day, if I know that my students felt loved and there was excitement shared with them in some form, then I know that I did what I wanted to do.