“Fives years ago, I enrolled my sons, André and Ian, in a nearby charter school. I wanted to give it a try,” says their mother, Dinorah Peña. “There were several experiences over those years that made me realize Irving ISD was still the better choice for my family.”

As a parent, you want the best for your kids. 

And that’s exactly what Dinorah did for her sons, André and Ian, when she made the move back to Irving ISD. 

“I knew they would have more opportunities in Irving ISD than in our charter school. Ian wanted a school that focused on career and college readiness to prepare for his post-secondary goals and André was eager to play multiple sports in school,” she says.

Ian, a senior at MacArthur High School, credits his bright future to the education he is receiving in Irving ISD. 

“I love MacArthur. It has given me the tools to feel prepared for college,” he says. “My number one school, UT Austin, accepted me into their engineering program, and I want to thank Irving ISD for giving me the opportunity and resources to tackle my dreams head on.” 

André, a student at Travis Middle School, is experiencing all that Irving ISD has to offer including playing football for the first time ever. 

“There are so many opportunities given to me as a student, not just academically but in sports as well,” he says. 

Now that football season has wrapped up, he’s moved into basketball- trying his skills at another sport.

“As a parent, you want to put your children on the right path so they can reach their maximum potential,” Dinorah says. “I believe that life always takes you back to the places you loved and you felt loved. That’s Irving ISD for us. It’s home.”