Nimitz High School is proud to have a Grand Opening celebration for their new Parent Center. This is the second high school in Irving ISD to open a Parent Center.

Diana Sandoval and Liliana Hinojosa, Spanish teachers at Nimitz HS, saw the need for parent volunteers and reached out to the de Zavala’s Parent Liaison for help recruiting parents.  Parents started coming to help Hinojosa and Sandoval in September with a Día de Los Muertos project.  That initiative got the ball rolling and soon after Crystal Mendez, Nimitz Parent Liaison, reached out to the principal, Mr. Miranda to advocate for a Parent Center.  As soon as Mr. Miranda saw that parents were showing up to volunteer, he quickly began finding space for a Parent Center.  Within a matter of days, a room that had previously been used to store computers was transformed into the Nimitz Parent Center.

A group of parent volunteers immediately got to work decorating the Parent Center.  If you walk the halls of Nimitz, you will see the beautiful artwork that the parents are completing for the teachers.  The Parent Center has parents who are volunteering regularly now, and the teachers appreciate the help they are given which ultimately frees up more time to focus on their students.

It is common to see many parents volunteering in our elementary schools, but it is not every day that you see parents showing up at a high school to volunteer. While Mr. Miranda is thrilled to see parents working on projects such as decorating the halls for Black History Month and the upcoming Open House, his vision is to have parents actively engaged in their child’s learning.  He is looking forward to having parent classes in the Parent Center led by Parent Liaison, Crystal Mendez, campus members, district staff, and community members.   Ultimately partnering with our parents helps our students be more successful and that is what we are all here for.