Ready to build your skills in cooking, reading and STEM? Look no further than #myIrvingISD’s newest series, Building LEARNers. 

Throughout June, #myIrvingISD teachers, staff and students will be featured in fun, hands-on activities that keep your kids engaged in learning. 

And here’s the good news: We’ve made it simple! There’s no need to buy tons of supplies or spend hours trying to “figure out” the experiment or activity. This series will showcase fun topics in bite-sized short videos for students of all ages! Some videos will provide step-by-step instructions using household supplies while other videos give a snapshot of district resources, like the Building READers Pop UP Libraries. 

You can view our Building Summer LEARNers series on social media and at Here’s when the series is taking place: 

  • Building STEMers on Tuesdays 
  • Building READers on Wednesdays 
  • Building COOKers on Thursdays


And don’t forget to post a picture of yourself doing the activities. Tag us on Facebook (@IrvingSchools) and Twitter (@IrvingISD) and use the hashtag #BuildingLearners. 

Happy Learning!!