Monday, August 17, was the first day of school for Irving ISD students. However, this year’s first day of school was unlike any other. All students began the school year online. Everyone anticipated the first day and wondered what it would be like, so we decided to get a student’s perspective on their remote first day of school experience.

MacArthur High School sophomore, Adrian Bevelle, has opted to learn remotely until January 2021. (He’s actually a huge fan of remote learning). His first day of school began with breakfast that consisted of fruit, Pop-Tarts and a side of orange juice to get him fueled for the day. Unlike previous years, Adrian hadn’t met his teachers or new classmates in person, but he was still excited to get the day started. 

To sum up his first day of school using a song, Adrian chose “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison.

“I chose this song because I attend MacArthur High School (returning to “Mack”) and the song’s beat puts me in a positive mood,” he says.

He also had pretty good advice to give other students during their remote learning experience:

  1. Ask questions. 
  2. Take time to study new material. 
  3. Have a dedicated study area at home. 
  4. Don’t stress. 
  5. Check your grades weekly.
  6. Make new goals each day.

Speaking of new goals, one of Adrian’s is to increase his GPA.

In line with this school year’s theme, Adrian describes a game changer as someone who sets and achieves new goals weekly and someone who is a leader, role model and mentor to others. Adrian says his aunt, Kerrie Tarver, who is an assistant principal at Austin Middle School is an #IISDGameChanger to him.

“Seeing her be a team player and always have a positive attitude has pushed me to do the same,” he says.

After graduating, Adrian plans to attend Texas Tech University or the University of Texas at Arlington to earn a bachelor’s degree in education. We know this young man has a bright future ahead, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes!