My teachers and counselors have prepared me for college by always keeping me on the right path to succeed in high school, and without sugar coating the fact that college is tough yet worth it. They always advocate for and encourage us with weekly meetings, shout outs and recognitions of student improvement. I see that they truly want all their students to succeed and break their backs behind the scenes to make sure that we get everything we need to succeed. 

Irving ISD has helped to shape my post-grad and career goals by having opportunities for me to explore my interests, specifically in the athletic training program. I have been a part of the Nimitz athletic training program for three years, which has given me hands-on experience in the field I hope to pursue a career in.

Because of this, I have decided to attend Texas State University in San Marcos to earn my Master’s Degree in Athletic training. My goal is to give back to others, just as the district and school faculty in Irving ISD have given back to me.