Isaiah Webster is gearing up for August 16, his first day of school as a freshman at MacArthur High School. He’s excited about this new chapter because ultimately, it’s one step closer to his dream of becoming an aerospace engineer. 

He’s had this dream since fourth grade, thanks to his elementary school counselor who introduced his class to different engineering job opportunities on Career Day. Aerospace engineering piqued his interest, and he hasn’t looked back. He’s done multiple research projects on the subject and plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin after high school to pursue a major in engineering. 

Before he makes his way to Austin, he’ll spend the next four years preparing in the district’s career and technical education (CTE) initiative, Signature Studies. Webster will join MacArthur’s prestigious CTE program, Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE). His time in the nationally recognized program will be filled with field trips, interactions with the business community, real-world projects, curriculum geared towards his career interests, job shadowing experiences and a possible internship.  

And CTE is just the beginning. The real “groundwork” for his future aspirations is walking into the doors of MacArthur High School ready to begin the next journey of making friends, adjusting to different expectations, navigating a new environment and making decisions that will affect his future. 

He’s ready for the challenge. 

“I’m most excited about going to a new school and getting a fresh start,” Webster says. “It’s going to be a new space filled with new faces. I’ll get to meet more people and be more challenged academically.” 

Two faces that won’t be new are his sister, Kayla Webster, a senior at MacArthur, and his mother, LaShara Webster, a counselor at the high school. 

He will rely heavily on them as he transitions from being the top dog in middle school to the new student in high school. 

His game plan to make the most of this experience is to not worry too much, work on meeting new people and stay on track academically because ultimately, it’s one step closer to his dream. 

Good luck, Isaiah. We’re rooting for you!