The Lamar Middle School band recently received news that was music to their ears. The Foundation for Music Education awarded the band, under the direction of Jung Mour and Kimberly Reed, a Citation of Excellence, an honor which recognizes top bands in the state of Texas. 

This competition is mostly attended by top programs of the state as a benchmark at the highest levels of musicianship, and only the top 25% of applicants achieve this prestigious award.

A unique competitive environment is created which allows ensembles to compare their performance quality to other outstanding non-varsity ensembles. All entrants receive a compilation recording of the winning performances. It is hoped the adjudicator critiques and the compilation recordings will prove helpful in improving performances and will spread knowledge of quality literature.

To enter the competition, Lamar Middle School sent in a recording that was adjudicated by a band professor at Texas A&M University.  

“For our students, this is a huge achievement, given the circumstances of hybrid learning last year,” says Mour. “Many bands in the competition met as a full ensemble in-person most days of the school year. Our performance was put together in only 12 rehearsals after school with students from four different periods as well as virtual-only learners. The level of immediate collaboration and hard work had to be, and was, incredible. In addition to showcasing our students, this performance award showcased the whole staff (middle school directors and high school directors) on our ability to teach each student where he/she is at and raise all of them to a state-wide excellence level.”

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