Singley Academy alumna and soon-to-be college graduate Arwa Jafferji has never been afraid to take the path less traveled. Her bold moves go back to the eighth grade, when she decided to apply to Singley Academy. While her mother and brothers were all proud Nimitz alumni, Jafferji took a leap of faith to explore her interest in law at Singley. 

Her time at Singley provided countless opportunities for Jafferji to grow as a learner, discover new passions and blossom as a young leader. She credits her teachers and law classes as the major reasons for her transformation from a shy freshman to a confident speaker and leader. 

“Mock trial [classes] made such a difference in my public speaking. I was super shy, but mock trial helped me to open up,” says Jafferji. “My teachers were all truly amazing, always pushing me to go for my dreams no matter what they might be.”

The support she felt from her teachers and fellow students gave her the confidence to make another bold decision to graduate early. But in lieu of going straight to college, Jafferji took an opportunity to attend a yearlong religious studies program overseas. 

Upon returning to Texas, Jafferji began her studies at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Her plan was to earn her undergraduate degree in computer science before going to law school. But it wasn’t long before she discovered a passion for all things computer science. 

“I started as an undeclared major, but my brother, who is a software engineer, told me just to try [computer science] out. I jumped right in with the intention of later going to law school. But I fell in love with computer science,” says Jafferji.

Despite her busy course load, Jafferji discovered another opportunity to get involved and make a positive difference on campus through the student government. She joined as a freshman, serving as a senator representing the College of Engineering. By collaborating with other senators, she was able to submit several resolutions to improve campus life and meet the needs of her constituents.

“When I started student government, I had no idea what it was or that it existed. But now, the word is getting out about the changes on campus that the student government is doing in the background,” says Jafferji.

After serving nearly two years as a senator, Jafferji campaigned to become Speaker of the Senate. She won and began her term this fall. Now a senior, she is determined to use this final year on campus and in the student government to make her mark. 

Jafferji will graduate May 2022, completing her degree in just three years. After graduation, she plans to continue forging her own path as a software engineer.