Kasandra Gallaga, senior at Nimitz High School, has a true passion for working with animals, which is why she decided to enroll in the veterinary sciences program. 

“They can’t advocate for themselves, so I want to be that for them,” says Gallaga. “I also wanted to learn more about animals and how/why they react to certain situations.”

Students enrolled in the veterinary sciences program at Nimitz get hands-on, real-world experience varying from learning how to properly groom animals to proper medical care. Students also have the opportunity to gain internships with community partners to further their education and experience. Gallaga is one of many who have taken advantage of this opportunity. 

Currently Gallaga interns at Animal Service Clinic in Irving under the leadership of Dr. Tara Moll. 

“Dr. Moll is great,” Gallaga says. “She’s very nice, and I like working alongside her.”

Through this internship, Gallaga is able to get an up close and personal look at what the day of a veterinary professional looks like. Whether walking the dogs, administering vaccines or providing emotional support, she says it’s important that she’s there for her patients at the clinic.

When speaking about the veterinary sciences program, Gallaga describes it as a family, which is what she enjoys most – with the exception of working with the animals, of course. 

“We work as a team, which makes the lessons less complicated and more fun,” she adds. 

For other students interested in joining the program, Gallaga says to go for it. 

“This program will definitely make you more successful and give you a jumpstart on your career,” she says. 

After graduating high school next May, Gallaga plans to attend Texas A&M University and enroll in their College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Thanks to the vet science program, she’ll be graduating high school with her Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) certification, which will help her get a job in a clinic to pay for college.

This year, National Veterinary Technician Week is celebrated from October 17 – 23. As someone in the field, Gallaga says it’s important to celebrate vet techs for all of their hard work.

“Being in the veterinary field can be difficult, so it’s nice to give thanks,” she says. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the veterinary sciences program, visit IrvingISD.net/SignatureStudies.