Sujash Sadaiv Tellem didn’t have the best start to second grade at Townsell Elementary. Not only did he start the year completely online because of the pandemic, but he lacked confidence in the classroom. He struggled with reading. 

His mother, Preeti Patel-Tellem, had Sujash tested for special education services and the results came back – Sujash was dyslexic. 

“When I found out Sujash was dyslexic, there was a relief,” Patel-Tellem says. “We had suspected that he was dyslexic because I would read with him, and sometimes he would be guessing the words and it would happen over and over and over again.” 

Once the diagnosis was pronounced, the interventions poured in. Sujash’s teachers modified his learning apps to turn on the audible feature so he could hear the words being read instead of reading on his own. In addition, Sujash’s teachers worked with him after school, providing individualized attention and keeping regular communication with his mom, even texting back and forth late at night. 

Sujash also started seeing a dyslexia interventionist, Ms. Cathy Minks, for 45 minutes every day over Zoom. Ms. Minks worked with Sujash on many things including language development, handwriting -Sujash’s favorite- and spelling words from left to right instead of right to left.

When Sujash started third grade in August, he was no longer experiencing the challenges he faced last school year. The tools, the support, the resources and the partnership between the teachers and Sujash’s family became a testament to all he has overcome. 

“I am so pleased with the growth that Sujash is making this year!” says Minks. “Sujash’s life is being impacted by his education in Irving through classroom teachers, supportive parents and the daily dyslexic support. Sujash is a remarkable scholar with great dreams, goals and passions and he has a team supporting him every step of the way!” 

Sujash is now confident at school. He loves to read and brings an energy and excitement into the classroom that he never had before. Patel-Tellem is beyond ecstatic to see her son thriving. 

“My child can read. My child has the confidence a 9-year-old should have,” Patel-Tellem says proudly. “Dyslexia is not a hindrance to him. He knows that he can do whatever any other child can do, and that is because of the teachers at Irving ISD. Thank you is not enough.” 

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