For Carolyn Alexander, her days as a school bus driver start before the sun is up. She rises around 5 AM, quickly prepares for the day and is on her way to work within the hour. 

While she now only serves in a part time capacity, Alexander has dedicated nearly four decades of her life to a career which she describes as her ‘noble task.’ From driving students to and from school, to ensuring her bus is always in tip-top shape, Alexander is dedicated to serving with excellence. 

“Consistency and discipline are fundamental principles that I uphold as a school driver,” says Alexander. “Daily route trips alone do not constitute all my activities as many people would tend to think. To ensure the safety of my student passengers, I take the bus to regular check-ups for repair, washing, and fueling as well. I inspected the bus before every morning and afternoon trip, amounting to four inspection checks a day.”

She began her career as a school bus driver in part because of the flexibility it provided her as she raised her children. After 38 years of serving as a driver, it’s the students who continue to inspire her to serve. 

“I value maintaining healthy and active relationships with children as I acknowledged I am the first person they meet in the morning,” says Alexander. “That implied that no matter what hardships I would have been experiencing on some of the days, I always put on a smile and greet them happily.”

In 2018, after nearly four decades of serving as full-time protector and chauffeur to her students, who she refers to as her ‘precious cargo,’ Alexander decided to retired. But only a year later, she returned as a part time driver for Irving ISD. She continues to serve selflessly and tirelessly to serve both her students and the district. 

“Returning as a driver with Irving ISD has been one of the most demanding yet infinitely satisfying experiences,” says Alexander. “I am convinced that working as a driver in the school district has brought the most interesting experiences and memories to my life.”

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