de Zavala Middle School seventh grader Alexa Lopez truly has a passion for literacy. Each time she reads a new book, Lopez uses the opportunity to learn and encourage her peers to do the same. 

“I’m always recommending books to my friends,” she says with excitement. “It gives us something to talk about, and it helps us expand our vocabulary.” 

Now, this bubbly 12-year-old is ready to share her love of reading with the entire campus through a new book club she’s starting with the help and guidance of de Zavala librarian, Erica White. It all started one day last school year when Lopez discussed her excitement over a new movie based on a book she loves, School of Good and Evil, with Ms. White. From their conversation, the de Zavala book club was born. 

“I thought it’d be so cool to read books as a group and then watch the movies based on the books,” says Lopez. 

She immediately began researching books that would be fitting to read in the book club, even enlisting the help of her brother. Lopez says she wants group involvement when selecting books to read and plans on allowing members to vote on the one they like best. De Zavala Middle School principal Tiffany Williams even plans to participate and is very excited about the book club’s launch. 

“Alexa is such a joy to have as a student,” says White. “She inspires me to be a more enthusiastic reader with her passion for literacy and book recommendations.”

This spring, Lopez’s father accompanied her to the North Texas Teen Book Festival where she had the opportunity to meet many of the authors she admires, including the author of Happily Ever Afters, Elise Bryant.

“Elise Bryant is one of my favorite authors,” she added. “I love her book so much.”

Lopez and her father spent all day at the festival attending different panels and meeting authors. One of the best parts of the festival was all of the free books Lopez and other attendees received. 

When she’s not reading, which is rare, Lopez is playing the violin as a member of the varsity orchestra at de Zavala. Although she’s only in middle school, she already has big plans for her future that will definitely require a lot of reading. 

“I’d like to be a doctor, specifically a pediatrician, and attend either Harvard or Stanford”, says Lopez. 

We have no doubt that she will succeed.