On January 17, the Irving ISD School Board voted unanimously to seek voter approval for a $701,750,000 bond issue. This process has been a community effort over the last six months, enlisting the assistance of a Bond Facility Planning Committee comprised of citizens, city leaders, board members, district employees, teachers and parents. The committee dedicated several months to data collection, evaluations and planning to compile this bond package and make a recommendation to the school board. 

“We have not called for a bond since 2007, yet have lowered the tax rate since 2015,” says Irving ISD Superintendent of Schools Magda Hernandez. “One of our district goals is to have state-of-the-art facilities. Without an upcoming bond, these capital projects will have to be addressed out of the general fund, which will impact the funds available to support all other district instructional efforts and programming.”

The bond includes five propositions, each with a different cost, scope and tax impact.   Propositions would fund state mandated safety/security upgrades, the replacement of three schools that were built in the 1950’s and renovations at remaining Irving ISD schools. The bond proposals also include replacing the Student Transportation and Logistics Center, which is currently housed in a building constructed in 1945; technology upgrades; and new facilities such as a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center, multipurpose indoor facilities and performing arts center. 

Voters will have the opportunity to vote on each proposition separately, beginning with early voting from April 24 to May 2, and Election Day on May 6.

“We are asking every citizen to be educated about the bond,” says Superintendent Hernandez. “It is important to have your voice heard during this election. Remind your friends, neighbors and relatives to get involved and ask questions.”

The five bond propositions are as follows: 

Proposition A – $538,750,000

  • Renovation of 32 schools
  • Replacement of 3 schools (Barton, Farine, Crockett)
  • 2 Baby Universities (employee childcare centers)
  • Career and Technology Education (CTE) Center
  • Fine arts transportation and equipment 
  • Safety and Security

Proposition B – $18,000,000

  • Technology

Proposition C – $17,000,000

  • Replacement of Student Transportation and Logistics Center

Proposition D – $45,000,000

  • 3 new indoor practice/JROTC facilities

Proposition E – $83,000,000

  • Performing Arts Center

For more information, visit IrvingISDbond.com.