“After graduating this month, I plan to enlist in the US Marine Corps and serve my country. I believe in the power of service, and I look forward to being a part of an organization such as the Marines, where I can continue to develop my character, help those who need support and make a positive impact in the world I am living in,” stated then-senior Tylan Kanady when he was interviewed as a part of the 2021 Senior Spotlight series.

Fast forward to 2023, we recently caught up with Kanady to hear what life has been like since graduating from Cardwell Career Preparatory Center. He’s currently a Marine Corps Administrative Specialist (MOS 0111) and oversees one of the largest units, totaling 3,000 Marines, in San Diego, Calif. Kanady credits his experience in JROTC during his time at Irving High School for inspiring him to pursue a career in the military. Learn more about his journey!