Written By: Anthony Machado Sagastume

Irving ISD recently orchestrated the largest Academic Decathlon practice event, bringing together a total of 813 students nationwide. Students from various states participated either virtually or in person, showcasing their prowess in arts, economics, literature, mathematics, sciences, social studies and music. Irving ISD celebrated the 6th annual invitational meet on November 11 at Nimitz High School, spotlighting the award-winning teams and students listed below:

Overall Team Placement

  • 3rd – Nimitz High School (field of 25 6A schools) 
    • Des Eagans, 2nd Place Individual Overall Student
  • 7th – MacArthur High School 
  • 10th – Irving High School



  • 1st (Scholastic) – Des Eagans, Nimitz HS
  • 5th (Varsity) – Aidan Williams, Nimitz HS


  • 1st (Varsity) – Yareli Castro, Nimitz HS
  • 1st (Scholastic) – Des Eagans, Nimitz HS
  • 2nd (Scholastic) – Cae Mbugua, MacArthur HS
  • 3rd (Varsity) – Addison Land, MacArthur HS
  • 4th (Varsity) – Aidan Williams, Nimitz HS
  • 6th (Varsity) – Katie Jimenez, MacArthur HS


  • 1st (Varsity) – Addison Land, MacArthur HS
  • 2nd (Scholastic) – Des Eagans, Nimitz HS
  • 3rd (Scholastic) – Diana Amaya Canales, Irving HS
  • 4th (Varsity) – Alejandra Ramirez, Irving HS
  • 4th (Scholastic) – Cae Mbugua, MacArthur HS


  • 4th (Scholastic) – Des Eagans, Nimitz HS
  • 4th (Varsity) – Aidan Williams, Nimitz HS
  • 4th (Varsity) – Fernando Solis, MacArthur HS
  • 6th (Varsity) – Keily Hernandez, Nimitz HS


  • 2nd (Varsity) – Alejandra Ramirez, Irving HS
  • 6th (Scholastic) –  Nicole Medero, Nimitz HS
  • 5th (Honors) – Anders Chavez, Irving HS
  • 5th (Scholastic) – Cae Mbugua, MacArthur HS

Social Studies

  • 4th (Scholastic) – Kimberly Atayde, Singley Academy
  • 4th (Honors) – Anders Chavez, Irving HS
  • 6th (Scholastic) – Cae Mbugua, MacArthur HS


  • 6th (Varsity) – Yareli Castro, Nimitz HS
  • 6th (Varsity) – Fernando Solis, MacArthur HS


Congratulations to these students. We are excited for the next competition, the Intracity Meet taking place at the Irving ISD Administration Building on December 5.