Ever wonder who’s behind Irving ISD’s graphics? The eye-catching photos on social media that entice followers to click for more or the graphics that scroll across the website to encourage people to read our stories.

It’s one of Irving ISD’s alumni, Amanda Perez. Amanda came to the district as a third grader and remembers having a love of art, even then. 

“I’ve always loved drawing,” she says. “At a very early age, I started doing 3D render drawings. Every time someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I said I wanted to be an artist.” 

Her passion continued in middle school when she chose art over band, and in high school when she began taking graphic design classes with Mr. Christopher Glenn.

“Amanda was in my advisory class as a sophomore and asked about the graphic design work on the classroom walls. I learned that she had the same passions I had – music and art,” Mr. Glenn said. “She joined my graphic design class and was an exceptional student. Amanda took each project seriously.”

She learned software programs like Photoshop and Illustrator and incorporated typography into portraits. Amanda joined the Tiger Design Studio her senior year and produced a banner for Britain Elementary, created Irving High’s prom and homecoming tickets and designed the AP Scholar posters, one of which is shown in this story. These experiences gave her the confidence she needed to pursue graphic design in college. 

“When I graduated from Irving High School, I knew I wanted to major in graphic design,” she said. “I had a choice between UT Austin and UTA and chose UTA because of the graphics program. What I learned in high school put me ahead of my peers in college. Many of the students had no experience in graphics. I definitely had a leg up.”  

After UTA, Amanda learned about the Irving ISD graphic designer vacancy and applied immediately, realizing how cool it would be to give back to the community in which she learned her skill set. And just like that, she got the job! 

Dr. Nicole Mansell, chief of marketing and communications for Irving ISD, is extremely happy with her hiring choice. “Amanda brings a modern and fresh approach to design and has been instrumental in modernizing the district’s brand,” says Dr. Mansell. “Her creativity, work ethic and eye for design are unparalleled. The fact that she is an Irving High School alumnus is an added source of pride.” 

Now that Amanda’s paved her path, she freely gives advice to others pursuing a career in art. 

“Don’t listen to people that say you’ll be a starving artist. There’s a way to make money in what you do, especially if you’re passionate about it. I made it and others can too. To all the artsy kids out there: follow your dreams.”

Irving ISD is very glad Amanda followed her dreams. If not, principals wouldn’t have the new school one pagers to hand to prospective families and there wouldn’t be brochures for Superintendent Hernandez to provide at Chamber meetings. Her work helps our community see just how special our district is, and that’s priceless!