Christmas came early this year…Irving ISD is re-launching Instagram on December 6th!!

So before you read any further, get on your Instagram and follow @IRVINGISD.

We’ll start with Instagram takeovers. What is an Instagram takeover, you ask? Irving ISD high schools will be given the Instagram torch for 24 hours.  You’ll get an exclusive look into the unique experiences of our high school students- what classes they go to, what they eat for lunch, what they do for fun.

Here’s our Instagram Takeover Lineup:

  1. Cardwell Preparatory Takeover: Monday, December 9th
  2. Irving High School Takeover: Wednesday, December 11th
  3. MacArthur High School Takeover: Friday, December 13th
  4. Nimitz High School Takeover: Monday, December 16th
  5. Singley Academy Takeover: Wednesday, December 18th

Don’t miss a single moment.

#MyIrvingTakeover #IrvingRelaunch