When the time comes and the Texas Rangers take the field on Opening Day at the new ballpark, there will definitely be cause for celebration. But one particular fan will be celebrating a moment deeper than baseball. You see, this fan will be rooting for the home team in the very stadium she helped bring to life.

That fan is Margarita Aguirre, a 2008 graduate of Singley Academy.

Working on Globe Life Field has been a surreal experience for Margarita. She works for HKS, the design firm behind the new stadium. “It’s my first big project right out of grad school,” she says. For the past three years, Margarita has been a member of the production team, serving as an architectural designer as well as the project’s BIM Manager (someone who implements the procedures in Building Information Modelling).

Now with the ballpark complete, Margarita is looking back with gratitude as she watches her dreams unfold before her eyes each day.

With already so much to be proud of, Margarita’s story and career are just getting started. She’s on her way towards becoming a licensed architect – something her 10-year-old self could only imagine. “This is where I’ve wanted to work since middle school,” she reminisces. “Not only [did] I want to be an architect, but I [wanted] to work at HKS.” And here she is!