The pages of Angie Maravi’s planner are chocked full. 

In addition to a full slate of advanced courses, roles in her school’s theatre productions and immersion in her school’s aviation program, the Irving High School senior is also a member of the National Honor Society, vice president of the World Language Club and Drama Club, member of the Chess Club, student council volunteer and a member of her school’s Marine JROTC program.

“Being involved is an opportunity to learn and have fun,” she says. “I consider myself a very curious person so whenever I have the opportunity to learn something new, I get excited over the fact I’m acquiring new knowledge. It is not only fun, but it gives me a better idea of the world and my role in it, how I could use it to help others and how it can change lives. I also have the opportunity to meet new people that have different views about our world, and I think that’s awesome. Of course, it is impossible to be involved in every single club in my school, but I try to participate as much as I can because I love to help and meet new people.”

Perhaps more impressive than her list of diverse involvements is the level of success she achieves in all that she does. 

Last fall, she was recognized as an AP Scholar with Honor for earning a qualifying score of 3 or higher on four or more of the rigorous AP Exams she took last year. 

A few weeks later, she represented the School of Aviation Science at a special ceremony welcoming the Aviation Institute of Maintenance as a program partner. 

Later that week, she assumed multiple roles in her school’s rendition of “Mary Poppins.” Overall, she has participated in 13 school productions as either a technician or actress.

Earlier this spring, she led her aviation team, the Flying Tigers, to its third consecutive national bid in the Real-World Design Challenge, in which she and her team engineered a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) capable of delivering packages for a national competition. 

“A motivated young lady with fortitude beyond her years, Angie is not daunted to pose the question, or ponder ideas or concepts,” says her aviation sciences teacher Craig Heckel. “Angie motivates everyone around her to be the best they can be, especially her teachers and is a true, natural born leader whose rightful place is at the head of the pack.”

Her successes, paired with the grit and enthusiasm recognized by her teachers, have culminated into her acceptance into the United States Air Force Academy. There she plans to study aeronautical engineering with a minor in political science, with aspirations of working for NASA.

“When I learned I was appointed to the Academy, I felt I was the luckiest person in the world,” she says. “I know that in the academy I will not only get amazing educational opportunities, but I will become a better version of myself and serve this country who has welcomed me with open arms.”

Angie immigrated to the United States from Peru years ago with her parents, who she considers her greatest heroes.

“Since I was little, I have admired my parents because of their motivation and hard work,” she says. “They have sacrificed a lot, and I have seen how they have accomplished their goals. They always remind me what it means to work for something you are passionate about and how far you can go if you give the best of you.”

Perhaps the only thing more full than the pages of her planner is her list of gratitude, especially toward teachers at Irving High School.

“My inspiration comes from the people around me and how I can help others,” she says. “Not only because of the expectations they have for me but more because I see how passionate they are about what they do and how this influences others to do the same. I think it is beautiful to see the excitement and the hard work someone puts into doing what they are passionate about and how this makes others do the same. I want people to experience the same and be able to help others with the knowledge I acquire through the years. I feel especially lucky to have had such amazing teachers at Irving High School who have all impacted my life in different ways.”

  • 1stSgt Franklin Becker, LtCol Michael Curtin and MSgt Bennard Miller for challenging me mentally and for believing I have what it takes to serve my country. 
  • Ms. Yovonie saw potential in me and taught me how to think about history with emotion and familiarity instead of looking at it as facts. 
  • Ms. Vinson made me fall in love with books, and she is the reason why I love Khaled Hosseini and Malcolm Gladwell. 
  • Ms. Isaacs helped me with not only French and English, she has given me confidence in my ability to learn and speak languages. She is also the reason why I remember to slow down and take care of myself. 
  • Mr. Binas taught me how to understand why I am the way I am because of my genes and the environment around me. He is also the reason why I now understand what a hard class can be like. 
  • Both Coach Allens showed me what it really means to be passionate about history and how important it is for me to participate in politics. 
  • Ms. Holden showed me that books can also be windows to the human heart. She has also made my fear of reading old English texts disappear.  
  • Mr. Houser is by far one of the most sincere and passionate teachers I have ever met. He is always worrying about his students, and he always highlights that his goal is for us to understand the topics that he teaches instead of having all As in his class. He has always pushed me to help others and to challenge myself. He has taught me to see information as tools for my life instead of just facts that I have in my brain. 
  • Ms. Long is such a passionate and incredible teacher. She cares about her students as if they were her sons/daughters. She is the reason why I passed my AP Chemistry exam and the reason why I believe engineering is for me. She has always supported me and given me anything to keep following my dreams. She has also taught me to see more of the content that I’m learning instead of my grades and the beauty of science. She has seen my potential and always remembers me to see how much I have accomplished and the great things I will do. 
  • Mr. Heckel has always encouraged me to be the best me every single day. Thanks to him, I have learned so much about the aviation industry and what it takes to be a leader. He always had a quote and the right things to say to make me feel better when I thought I could not do something. Because of him, I learned how to be professional and how to manage my time. He has given me so many opportunities, and I’m so grateful to have him as a teacher and mentor. He is also the reason why I want to serve this country because of his ethic and optimism that he brings to the classroom. 
  • Last but not least, my theater director, Mr. Brentham. He is the reason why I have found a family in my school and a love for theater. He taught me how to be confident and talk in front of people. He has taught me how to be an actress and a technician. He is the reason why I began to involve myself more in school and the reason I have found a place where I feel comfortable to be myself. Thanks to him, my high school experience will be remembered with happiness and excitement.