It just clicked immediately.

This is exactly how Kerrington Beck, 8th grader at Travis Middle School, felt when he picked up a football for the first time. He continues to feel that same way years later as the quarterback for the Bobcat football team.

“I just love sports. It keeps me active, and I get to be around my friends and coaches,” Beck says. “Playing sports has also helped me become a leader. I am able to motivate my teammates to do better if they mess up a play, or I can congratulate them if they do well.” 

Kerrington’s leadership is not seen on just the field. He’s an example in the classroom, too. He understands the importance of having good grades, staying disciplined and showing good sportsmanship to his peers. All are incredible attributes that any parent would love to have in a child. 

Toni Beck, mother of Kerrington, is very proud of her son and all he has accomplished. 

“He achieved magna cum laude in his 6th and 7th grade years. He has been the captain of both of his football and basketball teams and has won athletic awards,” she says. 

“I’ve heard from all of his coaches that he is a great, honest kid that encourages the other players and is a leader.”

He credits his strong character to his family and coaches. They have taught him discipline, helped him distinguish right from wrong and motivated him to pursue his dreams.

David Lewis, head football coach for Travis, can attest to Kerrington’s leadership as well. 

“Kerrington is a leader both on and off the field,” Lewis says. “He makes straight A’s in the classroom and leads plays on the football field.”

Coach Lewis sees great potential in Beck. He’s training Beck to know that leadership comes with humility. Lewis expects Beck to run practice drills and pick up equipment left on the field after practice. It takes both to make a good leader, and that’s what Lewis is instilling in him. 

Beck has a bright future ahead. Once he wraps up his last year at Travis, Beck will spend the next four years at MacArthur High School.

He hopes to continue to improve both on and off the field so he can graduate, attend a four-year university and become a professional football player.  

Beck has the heart, the skill and the drive to go all the way. Plus, he’s got an incredible support system – his family, coaches and teammates – rooting him on. 

To give your child the same opportunity as Kerrington, sign your child up for athletics today! Contact your school’s athletic coordinator to start the process.