As the expression goes, Travis Middle School theater students quite literally took their show on the road last month as they transported costumes, set pieces, speakers and more from their school to The Villages on MacArthur to perform a play for its residents.

“Sometimes, our days get to be the same thing over and over with no diversity, and this actually takes your mind off everything,” says Cathy Parker, a resident at The Villages on MacArthur. “These kids are very talented and disciplined. You can tell they take their work seriously.” 

Under the direction of Travis theater teacher, Season Mhoon, and after three months of rehearsing, students performed The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza. Throughout the show, students switched outfits, which allowed them to play a variety of different characters. The residents loved every second of it.

“My favorite part was my part,” says eighth grader Connor Jackson with a big smile on his face. 

Jackson played the roles of Hercules and Cronos and joked that there was a little bit of acting involved, but overall that’s just his normal personality.

“It was nice, it really got to me in my heart to be able to perform in front of the residents,” says Jackson.

Eighth-grader Rory Aitken played the role of Narrator 2. She recited her lines in conjunction, and sometimes even in unison, with Narrator 1, which to her, was a piece of cake.

“It helped that I was partnered with my best friend,” says Aitken. “Many of the more difficult moments of the show came more naturally because we are accustomed to playing off each other like that.”

Jackson and Aitken hope to continue theater when they venture into high school. Wherever they go, they’ll have at least one fan who believes in them.

“They are wonderful. The more they can get notoriety, the more it will broaden their avenues to go to different places. Shoot for the moon!” says Parker.