Prioritizing your mental and physical well-being is extremely important, especially during these times. Alexxy Lopez, Britain Elementary School counselor, understands the importance of stress awareness and management, which is one reason she decided to start a yoga club on campus last school year. A parent approached Lopez during the pandemic after her daughter could no longer attend gymnastics classes in-person and needed a physical outlet. 

That was the beginning of the yoga club at Britain Elementary.

Growing up, Lopez’s aunt had a major impact on her life and served as an inspiration. 

“I wanted other children to have someone like that in their life as well, and what better place to make an impact than in school”, she says.  

For three years, Lopez has been doing just that for the students of Britain Elementary. One of her favorite parts about being a counselor is having the opportunity to grow with students each year.

“I’m able to learn more about them, and it’s exciting watching them develop”, she says. 

Launching this yoga club is just one of the many ways she shows her dedication to her students and their well-being. 

Stress affects us all, no matter the age group. Yoga serves as a stress reliever by improving breathing techniques and physical activity which releases endorphins. Lopez credits yoga for helping her achieve a more balanced life as well as weight loss, and she strives to help those that take the class achieve their own level of mental and/or physical health. 

Currently, the yoga club is only virtually offered to Britain students, staff and parents. However, if you’re interested in participating, you can contact Mrs. Lopez at for access to the recordings.

Stay safe and stress-free, #myIrvingISD!