Eighty-two incoming freshmen inked their commitment to Singley Collegiate Academy in a Signing Day ceremony held June 10. 

“The Signing Day ceremony recognizes the amazing students on this stage and their commitment to their educational journey over the next four years at Singley Collegiate Academy,” says Dr. Harleigh Jones, associate principal of Singley Collegiate Academy. “We are so excited for the doors that Singley Collegiate Academy will open for our students and their families.”

Through a partnership with Dallas College North Lake Campus, Singley Collegiate students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree during their four years of high school – FOR FREE! This equates to a savings of about $50,000.

“Parents, we know this is music to your ears and cash in your pocket,” says Jones.

During the signing ceremony, students heard from district administration on behalf of Superintendent Magda Hernandez. 

“We all know how expensive college can be, but this wonderful opportunity to earn a free college degree grants you a much-needed push toward your goal of going to college,” Dr. Jeannine Porter, deputy superintendent of school leadership, told the students. “Everyone is so proud of you, and we cannot wait to celebrate with you in four years when you walk across the stage with a high school diploma in one hand and an associate degree in the other.”

Dr. Christa Slejko, president of Dallas College North Lake campus, echoed the sentiments.

“You made a great choice and a wonderful commitment for your life,” says Slejko. “The path may be a little challenging, but we know you’re ready. We are going to be there to help you all along the way.”