Irving ISD will engage in a redistricting process for its Board of Trustee single member districts from December 2021 to January 2022. Redistricting involves changing the single member district boundaries used for trustee elections. Please note, there will be no impact on any school attendance boundaries.

Irving ISD is making changes to the single member districts because the Texas Education Code requires a school district to redistrict if data shows existing single member districts have a population deviation of more than 10 percent between the most and least populous district. Census data, gathered every 10 years, is what is used to determine those population changes.

Based on the 2020 Census population totals, Irving ISD single member District 1 as it exists today is the most populous district, and Irving ISD single member District 6 is the least populous. The deviation between the two of these is 112.3 percent, so redistricting is needed to balance the single member districts as required by the Texas Education Code.

The community is invited to review the two proposed single member district maps and provide input via a short survey or at the December board meeting. The survey will be open through January 7, 2022. Feedback will be shared with the Board of Trustees prior to a vote on the proposals. To find the survey, visit OR click here to participate in the survey.