Irving ISD students celebrated a strong performance at the SkillsUSA district competition in Waco last month. In all, 56 students from Singley Academy, MacArthur High School, Irving High School and Ratteree Career Development Center earned huge bragging rights. 

SkillsUSA is a career and technical education student organization (CTSO) that focuses on preparing students for careers in arts/video, graphic design, computers, culinary arts, law, STEM, health science and more. Students who entered the district competition exhibited their knowledge and skills through presentations, testing and project creation.  

The following students advanced to the SkillsUSA state competition, to be held in Galveston later this month: 

Irving High School

AV Production

Angel Mejia, Digital Cinema Production 

Valeria Calderon, Digital Cinema Production

Nathaniel Gonzales, Television Production

Yelitza Mercado,  Television Production

Jose Garcia, Television Production 

Albert Ortiz, Television Production

Damian Madrigal, Earned Silver in AV Quiz Bowl

Irving Madrigal, Earned Silver in AV Quiz Bowl

Martin Hernandez, Earned Silver in AV Quiz Bowl

Chris Arevalo, Earned Silver in AV Quiz Bowl


Graphic Arts

Lisseth Vanegas, Desktop Publication/Career Pathway Showcase/Ad Design 

Alex Prada, AV Quiz Bowl/Photography/Ad Design 

Jose Luis Hernandez Solano, Earned Gold in Career Pathway Showcase 

Ruth Cias, Earned Gold in Career Pathway Showcase 

Angel Herrera, Earned Silver in AV Quiz Bowl 

Jimmy Rosas, Earned Silver in AV Quiz Bowl

Elmer Amador, Ad Design

Josue Celis, Ad Design

Samatha Saravia, Ad Design

Juan Rico Perez, Ad Design


Ratteree Career Development Center

Christopher Rodriguez Lebron, Maintenance and Light Repair

Sonny Rich, Mobile Electronic Installation


MacArthur High School

Juan Espinosa Contreras, Cabinetry and Millwork

Andres Espinos, Cabinetry

Luis Licea, Cabinetry Job Exhibit

Grace Marquez, Engineering Design

Aubrey Brown, Engineering Design

Paola Romero, Engineering Design

Charlie Laurent, Engineering Job Exhibit

Levi Simmons, Engineering Job Exhibit

Alexis Mora, Engineering Job Exhibit

Elvis Gamez, Engineering Job Exhibit

Elijah Narbaez, Engineering Job Exhibit

Angela Sandoval, Engineering Job Exhibit

Mahmoud Mohamoud, Engineering Job Exhibit

Edward Diaz, National Electric Code

Troy Broom, National Electric Code

Coen Fullmer, Principles of Engineering 

Enrique Castellanos, National Electric Code


Singley Academy

Alexander Maldonado, Law Enforcement

Ricardo Miranda, Law Enforcement

Ricardo Garcia, Law Enforcement

Abigail Mendoza, Law Enforcement

Bryan Rojas, Firefighting

Rogelio Alvarez, Firefighting

Mia Ontivero, Firefighting

Alexander Huynh, Additive Manufacturing

Tyler Perry, Additive Manufacturing

Riley Lobb-Bridges, Additive Manufacturing

Gabriel Esqueda, Additive Manufacturing

Ezequyel Martinez, Additive Manufacturing

Danny Tran, Additive Manufacturing

Zaavan Gonzalez, Mobile Robotics

Brandon Banuelos, Mobile Robotics

Carlos Meza-Ochoa, Technical Drafting

Alfredo Ganut, Technical Drafting