The MacArthur High School volleyball held its annual camp for fourth through ninth grades the week of July 22.

“Basically, just introducing the game of volleyball to them,” says Erin Sims, MacArthur head volleyball coach. “We do our camp the last week of summer, strategically, because we start volleyball tryouts on August 1. So it gives me an opportunity just to get to know these kids, teach them what we expect in our program and then it helps us build a foundation of our program.”

Skills covered include serves, passes, how to communicate on the court and conditioning for the high school level.

“I actually got my overhand serve, which I’m really thrilled about,” says young camper Sophia Vergara.

Other campers, like Natalie Doughty and Elizabeth Gonzalez, are using this opportunity to refine their skills before trying out for the high school team.

“I will be trying out for the volleyball team at Mac next week,” says Elizabeth. “I’m getting nervous about it but I feel like once I get on the court and step up my game, I’ll shake it off.”