Shawn Volkmann is a Dyslexia Interventionist at Stipes Elementary School and has worked with dyslexic students for five years. During this time, she’s changed the lives of many students, like Rosie Humphrey, 7th grader at Lamar Middle School. Volkmann first met Rosie as a 3rd grader at Stipes, and she has since seen amazing changes in Rosie’s reading ability and confidence. 

“When Rosie left Stipes Elementary, she was reading above grade level,” says Volkmann. 

We recently caught up with Rosie to see how things are going this school year. Like many Irving ISD students, she’s participating in remote learning, and loves it!

“I get a chance to go at a slower pace, and I don’t feel as much pressure, which helps when completing classwork,” says Rosie. 

Her favorite subject is science; she really enjoys the hands-on activities and learning about different chemicals. After graduating from high school, Rosie plans to attend Hillsong College in Mesa, Arizona, with aspirations to become a surgeon or forensic scientist. When asked how Ms. Volkmann impacted her as a student, here’s what she said:

“Ms. Volkmann motivated me to be better. When I would want to give up, she was there to push me in class. She helped me see the importance in working harder in school and believing in myself.” 

Despite the challenges of dyslexia, many students, like Rosie, are thriving. In honor of October’s Dyslexia Awareness Month, we asked Ms. Volkmann to share one thing she’d like for readers to know, and here’s what she had to say:



To learn more about the services we offer students with dyslexia, visit the Irving ISD Dyslexia Services website.