For Irving High School senior Emerson Marroquin, graduating from high school is his first step in investing in his future. Four years ago Marroquin immigrated from El Salvador and joined the Irving High School family as a newcomer student with limited English. A natural social butterfly, it wasn’t long before Marroquin mastered the language and became involved in the Irving community. 

“As an immigrant it’s difficult to get involved with people because you don’t know the language or how to relate to people, but I’ve become more involved,” says Marroquin. “Now I’m in the National Honor Society, Destination Imagination, AVID and president of the world language club.”

But that’s not all. Marroquin is a staple in the Irving High School daily announcements, and he was handpicked as one of only two student hosts for the district’s annual State of the District event.

These experiences have equipped Marroquin as a confident public speaker and prepared him for life after high school. In the fall Marroquin will attend the University of Texas at Arlington, where he plans to continue investing in his future.

“My plans for the future are to work, study, save money and invest for my future and my family’s future,” says Marroquin. “I’m thinking about something business-related, real estate or maybe communications.”

While he looks forward to the next steps in his education journey, Marroquin is proud of the milestones reached and memories made during his time as a proud Irving tiger. 

“Every moment has been unique. I’m excited to finish, but I’m going to miss these hallways for sure. I’m going to remember high school for the rest of my life.”