The rest is history.

That’s how Jessica Porter, a recent graduate of Nimitz High School, closed out as she shared her journey in her  school’s FFA program. 

She signed up for the student agriculture organization her freshman year and stayed involved all four years in large part to the encouragement from the high school’s agriculture teachers.  

“The thing I liked the most was definitely my ag classes,” Porter says. “My wonderful teachers made content easy and fun to learn. They really pushed me to better myself with every activity, whether that was in the classroom or competition, they truly wanted to see me succeed and did everything to help me.”

Succeed is what she did. Several weeks ago, Porter received a letter from the Texas FFA Association congratulating her on making the second round of FFA officer elections. Her reaction was priceless. Her tears of joy were captured on video and posted to Twitter. Since that time, the tweet has been seen by more than 1,300 people, including NBC 5 who shared it on their news station. 

“This moment felt so surreal to me. I was not expecting to advance to the next round because so many wonderful candidates and friends of mine were running as well,” says Porter. “Before I fully unfolded the letter, I could already see the bolded Congratulations! I was just sobbing with joy, and I couldn’t stop shaking when I read it, granted I had already been crying before the letter because I was just so nervous. I was overcome with so much emotion, joy, adrenaline, excitement, that it took me about an hour to finish my sandwich afterwards.”

Although she was ecstatic to hear the news, her passion for FFA surpasses the accolades. Porter credits the organization for her leadership development, social skills and overall perspective on life. 

“My life would have been a lot worse had I not joined,” says the recent graduate. “I got to meet so many wonderful people in FFA across the state of Texas and even the nation. I have never been a part of an organization so unique before. No matter where you go or what you do in FFA, you will always have someone in your corner and you will never be left to face anything alone. Ups and downs, you will always have a friend.” 

As for Porter’s future, it’s looking very bright. Her next stop is Texas A&M University with plans to major in agricultural science and join the student government association. Her dream job is to teach agriculture so students just like her can find their love for agriculture.

“FFA changed my life in so many wonderful ways. The list just never stops,” says Porter. “I will never stop AGvocating for the FFA, and students interested should take that leap of faith. I truly believe that there is a home for every single person in FFA so join. You will meet the best people you ever have, and it may just change your life.”