The results are in – and Irving ISD is shining bright. Accountability ratings released August 15 by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) show that Irving ISD has made tremendous growth in academic achievement. 

The new state accountability system known as “A through F” rates school districts on student achievement, school progress/growth and closing gaps in student performance. Irving ISD received a “B” letter grade, climbing from a 79.5 in 2018 to 87 this year. 

In addition, 70 percent of Irving ISD campuses earned a letter grade of  B or higher, with no campuses earning a D or an F. 

As a district, Irving ISD earned a total of 52 state distinction designations – an increase of 14 from last year.

“We are so proud of the tremendous growth achieved by our students and staff,” says Superintendent of Schools Magda Hernandez. “This is a testament to the hard work of our students, the commitment of our teachers and the invaluable support of all staff.  And this is only the beginning. This growth is indicative of the progress we will continue to make in our pursuit of becoming the best school district in the nation.”

Of the 33 campuses that are rated, 22 improved their overall accountability score. Many of those campuses improved by more than one letter grade, including Brandenburg Elementary School, who jumped 12 points from a C to an A; Good Elementary who climbed 28 points to a B; and Britain Elementary who increased 21 points to a B.

Irving ISD outperformed the state average in several measures. Irving ISD scored nine points higher in Algebra I than the state average, increasing 19 points at the “at meets” level and 22 percent at the “masters” level, whereas the state only went up by 3 and 2. The district made significant gains in fifth-grade science, increasing 12 percentage points at the “meets” level. In elementary math and reading, the gains made by Irving ISD exceed the gains made by the state.

These accomplishments – coupled with double-digit gains in various categories – are significant achievements that can be attributed to the district’s rise.