Ten teams from Irving ISD are advancing to the 2022 Destination Imagination State Competition. Destination Imagination is an educational non-profit focused on five principles: fun learning; creative problem solving; kid powered, team driven; friendly competition and global diversity. 

Teams compete in challenges for the following categories:

  • Technical – Daring Escape – Students create and present a story about an exciting escape. Students will build two daring devices using technical methods to operate. In the presentation, each device will attempt to overcome three hazards.
  • Scientific – Up Close – Each team will tell a story about a mysterious object found in a microworld. Students will also create a piece of scenery to show their microworld in 3D.
  • Fine Arts – Tricky Tales – Each team will tell a story about a trickster who overcomes a tricky situation. Teams will also design and create a costume, and perform an illusion to enhance the story.
  • Service Learning – For the Future – Each team will identify a need in a real community, then carry out an evaluative project that addresses the need. The team will create a communication plan, and present the project in the form of a science-fiction story and depict the result of their solution 50 year in the future. 
  • Engineering – Roll With It – Each team will share a story about a character who becomes a legend. The presentation will include a rotating object, and a designed structure created from wood and glue that can withstand two different forces. 
  • Improvisational – Festival Frenzy – Teams will create a two act improvisational skit. They will tell a story of a character at a randomly-selected festival. 
  • Extreme Challenge Specific to Texas and a few other states, the Texas Extreme Challenge Teams will receive a “challenge”, which will be a situation that requires the team to solve multiple elements, and also include a storytelling component which requires the team to showcase their solution all on the same day.

Congratulations to the following teams who advanced to the state competition: 

MacArthur High School

  • RIP Scooter Team – For the Future

Nabeeha Khan, Chloe Madho, Khoi Nguyen, Temi Oluwaseto, Hasaan Qureshi, Kathia Rodriguez


Nimitz High School

  • The Nerdy Birdy Trio Team – Festival Frenzy

Erick Ramirez, Justin Aguilar, Naima Rodriguez

  • The Box Trolls Team – Festival Frenzy

Raymundo Gomez, Ciara Harvey, Alefiya Jafferji, Michelle Nguyen, Caroline Quan, Angelie Ramirez

  • The Cosmix Team – Daring Escape

Raymundo Gomez, Alefiya Jafferji, Adrian Martinez, Michelle Nguyen, Caroline Quan, Angelie Ramirez


Singley Academy

  • DI Joes Team – Roll With It

Jason Alviso, Jimmy Do, Ariel Ojeda, Karla Rios, Cristian Spencer, Melissa Valle

  • Deezus Team – Roll With It

Gabriel Esqueda, Daphne Galaviz, Ash Guzman, Cody Leon, Ethan Parada, Anna Pierucci, Angela Rojas

  • Smells Like Team Spirit Team – Tricky Tales

Ramiah Boyd, Michelle Diaz, Jazelle Gardner, Nabilah Rashid, Rushmiah Samarah, Victor Vo

  • Deez Team – Extreme Challenge 

Gabriel Esqueda, Daphne Galaviz, Ash Guzman, Cody Leon, Ethan Parada, Dawson Sloan


Austin Middle School

  • Team Two Shy to Present – Daring Escape

Gerson Artiga, Vensa Cherian, Jesse French, Makayla Smith


Bowie Middle School

  • RIP Bozos Team – Roll With It

Anibal Castellanos, Ashton Craig, Jose Fuentes, Jorge Hernandez, Mario Martinez, Osman Martinez


In addition, Singley Academy student Ramiah Boyd has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship from Mid-Cities Creativity for her involvement in Destination Imagination. 

Congratulations and good luck to all these students!